Solving your boating problems, big or small
Another hard day at the office...

Another hard day at the office...

Who is Sean anyway?

Hi, my name is Sean and I know stuff about boats. I have been on boats all my life, and have worked in marinas as a dock master for the last decade. In that time I have seen many a thing that has left me astounded, impressed, shocked, bewildered and amazed. I have seen the right and the '...almost right' ways of doing most things that you can do in a boat, and through trial, error, training, and observation I have compiled a rather extensive (if I do say so myself) catalogue of knowledge related to the lovely holes in the water we call boats. Boating is such an amazing and diverse endeavour, but it can be quite daunting to a first timer, which is where I can help.

My experience covers piloting all kinds of boats, from small inflatables, to racing yachts, from large motor cruisers the size of a modest family home to wooden skiffs that would look more at home in a museum. This experience means that what ever vessel you are privileged to own, I can most likely impart some helpful knowledge and teach some skills that will increase your confidence, save you money, and avoid you some embarrassment along the way. The service I provide is not limited to the examples below, so if you have any questions, no matter how silly they may seem, please don't hesitate to get in contact, I can either solve the problem myself, or direct you to someone who can.

Through my position as Dockmaster at the largest privately owned marina in NSW I have made many contacts in the local boating industry. I can give recommendations for most trades and services related to boats in the Sydney, Lake Macquarie and Nelson's Bay areas. Some of the businesses I work with and highly recommend include; TR Marine Services, an excellent detailing company who's workmanship and professionalism stands head and shoulders above the competition, and Buy-A-Boat, a boat brokerage who is moving with the times and uses the power of technology to deliver outstanding results to their clients. 

For recommendations on boatyards, marinas, mechanics, shipwrights, trimmers, riggers and more get in contact with me. I can help you avoid finding out the hard way who is reputable and who falls short of the mark in this industry.