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The saying ‘every master was once a novice’ is especially true when it comes to boat handling.

Not everyone was blessed with a childhood spent sailing skiffs and fishing from tinnies. All the more rare are those who grew up driving mum and dad’s cruiser home when they’d sunk a few too many drinks over a day at anchor.

For most, their first boat is acquired later in life when their hard work finally pays off and they can begin to afford the finer a good sized boat.

For the inexperienced, a new boat is exhilarating, exciting, and a little terrifying.

Learning to drive your boat

If your first boat is over 30’ you can be forgiven for going a little weak in the knees at the thought of having to dock it alongside other boats that cost as much as an average family home, but you should never let fear stand in the way of a good time!

The worst thing that can happen is you take your new pride and joy out for a fantastic day on the water and then, as you bring her into the dock, tired from a day of sun, salt and the odd shandy, you hear the dreaded crunch of fibreglass. Bam! Not only is your day ruined and your boat damaged, but worst of all your confidence is shot to pieces, and you are not looking forward to your next boating adventure like you should be.

Don’t let this all too common tale become your story.

Boat driving lessons with skipper Sean

Driving a boat is much more complicated than handling a car, yet we spend a large part of our adolescence being taught how to do the latter, and basically no time on the former. With this in mind it borders on madness to expect to just hop into your new boat and happily cruise off into the sunset overcoming all obstacles as they pop up.

Don’t set yourself up for failure. Invest some time in learning how to properly handle your boat before you take it out solo. Skipper Sean’s boat handling lessons will take you from complete novice to getting nods of approval from onlookers when you pull up to the dock.

Bring the whole family along so Skipper Sean can train you to work together as a team when operating the boat. Some of the best feedback we get is from the significant others of new captains who we teach to handle ropes and call out instructions when docking. When you both know what is going on the stress induced yelling at each other is all but eliminated.

During our lessons we can cover all aspects of boat ownership including maintenance, use of equipment such as chart plotters and deck cranes, general seamanship, and much more. We start on our theory board to give an overview of how boats move without the stresses of actually having to handle the boat, then proceed to demonstration of manoeuvres and finally guided manoeuvres with you at the helm.

Remember that even a light kiss of an unforgiving dock can cost you thousands in repairs, so book your lesson today!

Hiring Skipper Sean

Skipper Sean is available for one-on-one lessons with rates starting at $100/hour with a two hour minimum. For availability and booking, contact Skipper Sean now.

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